Adams Benefit is a family-owned business with four decades of experience in the employee benefits industry. Our client-focused professionals are experts in benefit program design, pricing negotiations, program implementation, and the communication of benefits to employees. 


We have the analytical skills to assess and improve any institution’s benefit program. Our proactive service model and exceptional carrier access allow us to swiftly resolve claim, billing, eligibility and benefit issues. In fact, our clients come to think of us as extensions of their Human Resources staffs.

Our goal is simple — to provide you with substantial timesaving and purchasing leverage so you can compete for and retain the very best employees.

At Adams Benefit, we balance employer budgetary requirements, employee needs, health care reform mandates, benchmarking data, actuarial resources and network options to arrive at the solutions that are right for your institution.

Our experience extends to every component of a benefit program, including HR consulting, payroll, legal and regulatory compliance, actuarial services and certification, wellness program design, claims reporting and analysis, predictive modeling, vendor management, RFP design, among many, many others.

We provide insurance products and services to more than 75,000 employees and are responsible for more than $300 million in insurance premiums. We look forward to saving time and money for you.