At Adams Benefit, our goal is to add value and provide comprehensive and cost-effective employee benefit programs for our clients.  We manage benefits for all types of industries, including manufacturers, service companies, educational institutions, municipalities, law firms, federal and Miami-Dade government contractors, medical providers and nonprofit organizations.

The services we provide include:

  • Plan Analysis — Our ability to forecast your claims performance allows us to understand your future risks.
  • HR Assistance — Our HR team members, who hold various certifications, work to ensure that your company stays compliant. The Affordable Care Act is just the latest set of rules affecting benefit administrators. We can help you understand and comply with the full range of regulations, including COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA and ERISA.
  • Employee Education — The members of our Implementation Department specialize in employee communication and are available to provide your employees with on-site explanations of their benefits.
  • CDHP Guidance — Our CDHP experts advise you on how a Consumer-Directed Health Plan can save you and your employees money.
  • Carrier Negotiation — Our long-term relationships with carriers allow us to better negotiate on your behalf to increase benefits and minimize costs.