More than half of all employees don’t get enough exercise and have high cholesterol, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. More than a quarter of all employees have cardiovascular disease, are overweight by 20 percent or more, or have high blood pressure.

A workplace wellness initiative can help counter soaring medical costs and help produce a healthy workforce, which is a more productive workforce.  Unhealthy lifestyle choices often lead to chronic diseases, resulting in lost productivity. Because a workplace’s culture sets the tone for its employees, it is imperative that employers help employees develop healthier behaviors and lead healthier lives. It’s not only good business; it’s the right thing to do.

Adams Benefit has been successful in working with our clients to promote wellness by planning and implementing:

  • Smoking-cessation programs
  • Comprehensive wellness fairs, with medical professionals from a range of fields
  • Breast cancer screenings at the workplace
  • Complete biometric testing with follow-up reporting
  • Incentive-based weight-loss challenges
  • In-house seminars on nutrition and healthy eating habits
  • Fitness training, with lessons and classes
  • “Lunch and learn” sessions with experts on healthy living

The key to increasing wellness in the workplace is to create a plan for ongoing initiatives and promoting easily accessible wellness tools to employees. Adams Benefit has the experience to help you develop a plan that fits the needs of your institution.