Among many other services, the HR Consulting & Support team at Adams Benefit helps employers design and implement annual HR Best Practice Reviews. A yearly HR review is an essential part of risk management for any company, regardless of its size. An HR review assesses your HR practices, policies and procedures, and identifies which ones are working and which ones aren’t.

Companies — particularly growing companies — need to examine their HR practices from a compliance standpoint. In a time of ever-changing regulations, remaining compliant requires constant vigilance. The risks and costs of noncompliance are high. 

Many companies retain a third party, like Adams Benefit, to perform compliance reviews because management wants an honest, unbiased assessment.

The areas covered in an HR Best Practices Review typically include:

  • Compliance with state and federal statutes and regulations
  • Hiring and termination processes 
  • Employee handbook
  • Benefits
  • Wage and hour issues 
  • Compensation and payroll
  • Performance management
  • Training and development
  • Risk management
  • Employee relations

The director of our Human Resources Consulting Division came to Adams Benefit with more than 20 years of HR experience.  She holds 18 certifications, including HR Compliance, and is a leader of HR professional organizations at the national, state and local levels.